“Vote HERE: A film for the people by the people”

 Film Segments

Don’t have to time to catch the complete film right now? That’s okay! Watch any of these segments from this compelling documentary to find out more about the U.S. history of voting and the importance of voting – Then make sure you’re registered to vote and Vote in every election!

Seg 1 Vote HERE: Why the States Control Voting

Seg 2 Vote HERE: Environmental Voter Project

Seg 3 Vote HERE: Electoral College

Seg 4 Vote HERE: Voting in the 19th Century

Seg 5 Vote HERE: HeadCount

Seg 6 Vote HERE: Gerrymandering

Seg 7 Vote HERE: Women’s Suffrage

Seg 8 Vote HERE: Ranked Choice Voting

Seg 9 Vote HERE: Mi Familia Vota

Seg 10 Vote HERE: The Progressive Era

Seg 11 Vote HERE: Native American Suffrage

Seg 12 Vote HERE: Black Suffrage/Voter Disenfranchisement

Seg 13 Vote HERE: Joy of Voting

Seg 14 Vote HERE: Voting Rights Act/Close/Credits

Vote HERE: pays tribute to those who have and are forging the way for what lays at the heart of our democracy: Easy and Equal Access to one of our most cherished and hard fought for rights – the right to VOTE!

Make sure you’re registered to vote and Vote in every election!

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