The Film

This full-length documentary, “Vote HERE: A film for the people by the people” follows the turbulent ways voting rights have wavered from the inception of the U.S. all the way to present day — including the current youth movement. We say “current” because as you will find in the “Vote HERE” documentary it wasn’t always the case that young voters had a low turnout. They understood the importance of voting!

In fact, during parts of the 1800s youth turnout was so high that it sometimes pushed voter turnout to 80-90%. So what happened?

Watch the film to find out, and also learn what people went through (and continue to go through) for the right to vote.

Then register to vote yourself!

Film Highlights include:

The story behind why the states control the voting process

The stories behind why states control the voting process

Electoral College

The founding of the infamous electoral college

African American & Women’s Suffrage

How the demeaning and volatile legacy of disenfranchisement also led to felons losing their right to vote

Jailed Suffergate

The controversial role the courts have played in shaping modern day voting rights

John Lewis

The heartfelt and explosive story about the inception of the Voting Rights Act, featuring the late U.S. Rep & Civil Rights Leader John Lewis, who shared his own personal journey that led him across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma that fateful ‘Bloody Sunday’ in 1965

Renowned historians, journalists, scholars & legal experts bring the history of voting to life with intimate details and little known stories that are pivotal regarding present day voting rights and about those disenfranchised along the way. “Vote HERE” showcases how countless patriots have fought and even died for our right to vote.

Complementing the film’s historical revelations are the profiles of current day hard-working activists, nonpartisan & non-profit organizations that focus on voting advocacy, and spontaneous interviews with voters themselves. They all play an important role sharing their insight, inspiration and hope!

“Vote HERE pays tribute to those who have and are forging the way for what lays at the heart of our democracy: Easy and Equal Access to one of our most cherished and hard fought for rights – the right to VOTE!

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